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Review of Audioeye Pricing
05 January 2022

Review of Audioeye Pricing

Today, achieving website accessibility has started to become mainstream and common among web builders and business owners. With this, many third-party website accessibility solutions providers also became popular in helping everyone achieve ADA compliance for websites

The costs and price plans of different third-party website accessibility solutions providers have become a concern and a factor that most business owners frequently consider. 

Choosing the most suitable website accessibility solutions provider depends on your budget and how much you’re willing to pay. 

You should also consider the features that come with the corresponding price plans to gauge which website accessibility solutions provider is most worth it. 

AudioEye, a famous website accessibility solutions provider, aims to create equal and accessible digital experiences for everyone.

This third-party website accessibility solutions provider has price plans with different costs to match your budget. Let’s dive deeper into the details of their pricing.

Learn more by reading our guide if you want to know the answer to “what does ADA compliance mean for websites?”.

ADA compliance guide

AudioEye Pricing

AudioEye is a website accessibility solutions provider which aims to cater to businesses of all kinds. Its main goal is to deliver efficient and affordable website compliance for different organizations. 

They charge depending on monthly website page views when it comes to pricing. Additionally, you can choose two billing periods: monthly and annually.

Both billing periods have their advantages and disadvantages. The ultimate decision lies in whether you can pay a large amount of money in one go. 

The annual billing period is for you if you don’t want to worry about paying the monthly fee. This billing period also saves you money because of the discounts that monthly payments don’t have. 

However, if you still prefer to pay only a small amount of money, you can choose the monthly billing period. But you should not forget to pay, or else your subscription might cancel. 

AudioEye Plans

AudioEye Plans

AudioEye has two main plans – the base and the custom plan. The base plans are based on the number of page views per month because AudioEye’s live monitoring becomes more active the more visits a certain website gets. 

When your website has a new visitor, AudioEye’s live monitoring feature scans and looks for any issues and errors. Then, AudioEye’s platform fixes any relevant issues it detected. This third-party website accessibility solutions provider ensures that all your web pages are accessible to everyone once viewed. 

Keep in mind. There are three different base plans: Simple, Advanced, and Premier. The custom plan is the Enterprise plan.

Generally, all these plans have the following features:

1. Compliance and Protection

Under compliance and protection, your websites can get compliance for ADA, AODA, WCAG 2.1 AA, Sec 508, and EN 301549. An AudioEye Trusted Certification is also issued, and your website is eligible for basic legal support. 

2. Accessibility Basics

All base plans have accessibility basics to ensure your website is accessible by all. This includes a usability toolbar, a dashboard with reporting and analytics, a 24/7 helpdesk, and an accessibility statement. 

3. Advanced Technology

AudioEye’s advanced technology includes live monitoring, an accessibility score, and AI-driven fixes. These features allow better monitoring and scanning of your websites to achieve regular accessibility. 

4. Training and Support

To help web builders and business owners become accustomed to AudioEye, this website accessibility solutions provider offers training and support that come with its base plans. 

With this, you can answer any questions you might have about AudioEye. And have your concerns resolved quickly. In addition, you can also book an onboarding with an accessibility specialist. 

5. Add-on Services

AudioEye’s base plans do not come with free add-on services. If you wish to avail of these, you can contact them directly to ask for additional details.

Let’s now differentiate each base and custom plan based on pricing and the number of web pages. 


The Simple plan is priced at $49 a month or $490 annually. It is ideal for simple sites or small businesses just starting.

This plan checks accessibility for websites with less than 10,000 page views per month.


If you have more complex websites, the advanced plan is for you. It’s priced at $199 a month or $1990 yearly. This base plan is ideal for websites with less than 100,000 page views per month. 


The premier base plan is suitable for business sites reaching scale. It’s priced at $499 a month or $4990 yearly. This base plan checks accessibility and compliance for websites with less than one million page views monthly.


On the other hand, the Enterprise plan is AudioEye’s custom plan which gives you the chance to enjoy additional services for your website. There is no base fee with this custom plan.

The Enterprise plan also does not have a minimum and maximum base number of page views per month. This custom plan is best for global and full-scale sites. 

One of the main advantages of a custom plan is the opportunity to speak with a dedicated account executive to help you with training and support. 

The enterprise plan provides websites with the highest level of protection possible. Customers availing of this plan will receive a customized Remediation Plan and Sustainable Testing. 

The Remediation Plan and Sustainable Testing address any legal grievances brought against the website owner. 

Other advantages are the add-ons you can enjoy for your website, which are the following:

  • Premium Support
  • Advanced Legal Support
  • Custom Training
  • Manual Remediations

Another add-on service you can enjoy with the custom plan is the ability to remediate PDF files and other documents. 

You can also ensure that your website works well with native mobile apps with the Enterprise plan. 

If you wish to avail of the Enterprise plan, you can directly contact the sales team of AudioEye, and they will provide a quote for you. 

However, the Enterprise plan does not come with a free trial. If you want to try out this custom plan, you should pay for the quote given to you. 

Free Trials and Support

Audioeye Free Trials and Support

Except for the Enterprise plan, all base plans have a fourteen-day free trial with no credit card required upon signing up. 

This feature allows you to test and see if AudioEye is the website accessibility solutions provider you need. It’s also a way to determine whether the base plans are worth the money you will be paying for. 

As mentioned earlier, the base and custom plans all offer training and support to help you get on board with using AudioEye. 

With AudioEye’s base plans, customers can receive basic Sustainable testing and Remediation plans. In addition, you can receive technical support through a Help Center request. 

On the other hand, if you avail of the custom plan, you get the chance to speak with an account executive. This gives you the chance to fully master how AudioEye works and how its add-ons can help your website. 

An AudioEye review is also available, which is detailed and comprehensive to help you decide if this website accessibility solutions provider is for you. 

Wrapping Up

Many web creators and business owners have started to rely on third-party website accessibility solutions providers to achieve website accessibility and compliance. 

The plans and costs are important to consider when choosing the most suitable solutions provider for your website. Ensure that the features with the corresponding priced plans are useful and worth it. 

It’s only essential that you get the best of what your chosen third-party website accessibility solutions provider has to offer. 

AudioEye is a famous website accessibility solutions provider catered to businesses of all sizes. It aims to create web pages that are accessible and user-friendly for everyone. 

This famous website accessibility solutions provider has different plans priced differently depending on the number of page views monthly. Additionally, they come with corresponding features and other services. 

We have discussed the pricing of AudioEye from different perspectives. This detailed review will help you assess if it fits your budget.

You can kickstart your journey to attain accessibility by checking your website accessibility current situation by auditing it at Accessibility Checker

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Suppose you are an agency that manages clients’ websites and want to make these websites ADA compliant through third-party accessibility service providers. 

In that case, you can join the AccessiBe Partner Program to avail yourself of exclusive offers. The AudioEye Partner Program is also open for partnerships with different agencies. 


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