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December 31, 2021
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Audioeye Vs. accessiBe

If you’re a website owner, you can find many website accessibility solution providers in the market. However, some have carved out a reputation based on their features and performance.

AudioEye and accessiBe are two of the most renowned brands in the digital accessibility industry. In fact, the two are close rivals and cater to different business needs and goals with upbeat accessibility solutions.

This post will compare AudioEye and accessiBe in terms of their service features, price, technology, and more.

Before we move on to a detailed comparison, let’s see how both the accessibility solutions compare at a glance!

Comparison of Audioeye and accessiBe at a Glance

Existing Customers
Compliant in Countries
Compliance WCAG, ADA, Section 508 compliant WCAG, ADA, Section 508 compliant
Starts at
$49 per month
Starts at
$49 per month
Partner Program (for Web Agencies)
  • There is a partner program
  • Available
Customer support
Free Demo Yes
Free demo with accessibility expert
Free demo available
Free Trial Yes
Free 14 day trial
7 day free trial

Audioeye Vs. accessiBe

Let’s dive into the detailed comparison of audioeye and accessiBe. This section will compare the features and aspects of the two website accessibility solutions providers offer.

If you’re interested in reading individual reviews, you can check our AudioEye review and accessiBe review. But before we compare the services and features of the two brands, let’s look at their available offers.

Audioeye: Our top recommendation
  • WCAG
  • ADA
  • Section 508 Compliant

AudioEye has been an industry leader in providing website accessibility solutions for more than 15 years. The company offers mostly automated services and assistive technology, with over 400 tests that check for accessibility errors.

Additionally, AudioEye provides ADA and WCAG compliance services to ensure website accessibility. The industry leader also has a patented AI and automation supported by IAAP-certified accessibility professionals.


  • Improves your site’s accessibility score by an average of 25 points
  • Services over 60,000 clients across the U.S. and Canada
  • Accessibility statement and certification included
  • Free 30-day trial


  • Not always suitable for European website

Existing Clients

  • WCAG
  • ADA
  • Section 508 Compliant

Founded in 2018, accessiBe is a web accessibility solutions provider based in Israel. It offers automated solutions that use AI-powered methods and assistive technology that helps businesses comply with the WCAG guidelines.

With over 5,000 partners and 106,392 supported websites, it has become a popular choice for website owners. Additionally, accessiBe’s vision is to make the internet accessible to everyone by 2025.


  • 7-day free trial
  • Account managers available to guide you through the product, pricing, and any questions you may have
  • Fast turnaround with a 5 min installation, and 48-hour compliance process
  • 100,000+ clients use accessiBe including legal and government organizations


  • Built specifically for websites and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)- some web apps might not be compatible

Existing Clients

Generic Comparison of AudioEye and accessiBe

AudioEye offers a free Google Chrome extension called Builder, which guides you in fixing the accessibility errors on your website. Meanwhile, accessiBe has aCe, an accessibility scanning platform that helps you identify the errors on your website.

accessiBe is best for someone just starting on website accessibility and looking for simple solutions. It’s also a good choice if your website is small and you don’t want to break the bank.

On the other hand, AudioEye is an excellent option if you’re looking for more complex solutions. And since it has a larger platform, it’s good for agencies managing multiple sites with several clients.

Service Comparison of AudioEye and accessiBe

Like we’ve mentioned, both AudioEye and AcessiBe offer web accessibility solutions. Of course, the two differ in some aspects, so let’s take a look at them.


1) Customer Support

Aside from its blog, AudioEye has a large library of webinars that clients can use as resources. The company also provides FAQ articles.

Additionally, AudioEye invites Managed and Enterprise clients to live webinars with topics like accessibility trends and best insights.

A customer success manager also ensures the effective implementation of AudioEye technology on the client’s website. The manager also guides clients using features like the toolbar and the admin dashboard navigation.


2) Pricing

In terms of pricing plans, AudioEye offers various options that you can choose from. They have a Pro plan and a free, do-it-yourself web accessibility solution. The company provides a free accessibility toolbox that detects and fixes compliance issues in the Pro plan. 

AudioEye’s pricing model starts at $39 a month for websites that receive up to 2,000 monthly views. Their most expensive plan is priced at $599, best for commerce websites with up to 200,000 monthly visitors.

Just keep in mind that AudioEye also offers a custom enterprise plan that caters to websites with a large visitor count.

3) Availability of Integration Guides

Aside from the mentioned services, AudioEye also has integration guides that help you with installation. You can find these on the AudioEye integrations page. To name a few, they have integration guides for major CMS platforms, including Shopify, Wix, and WordPress. 


Where does Audioeye stand in training new users on using accessibility functions?

AudioEye’s training might be limited for some, as they only have documentation as a training method.


1) Customer Support

accessiBe’s customer support is quite limited. Unlike AudioEye, accessiBe only provides its clients with FAQs and other articles that help users with integration and installation. In terms of support methods, accessiBe supports live chat and has a contact form on their website.

accessibe features

2) Pricing

accessiBe offers a free accessibility scan as the first step of your web accessibility efforts. This means that you don’t have to spend money to determine your website’s compliance level.

However, if you want ongoing compliance, you must purchase accessiBe’s compliance monitor. Their pricing plan starts at $49/month for websites with fewer than 1,000 pages. If your website has more than a million pages, expect to pay as much as $349 a month.


3) Availability of Integration Guides

Like AudioEye, you’ll also be able to find integration guides on accessiBe’s support page.

accessiBe has integration guides for most CMS platforms, including Wix, Webflow, and Squarespace. Additionally, their guides come with other resources like adding and managing subscriptions using API and CSV files.

Where does accessiBe stand in training new users on using accessibility functions?

accessiBe offers more comprehensive training than AudioEye. It comes in documentation, online, and in-person training.

Features and Solutions Comparison of AudioEye and accessiBe

This section will look into these two brands’ features and solutions. We’ll be comparing the two in terms of the important aspects, including integration, plugins, and more.

1) Platform Supported

To start, let’s discuss what platforms the two brands support. Since both companies are in the digital accessibility solutions industry, both support SaaS or software as a service.

In terms of installation, accessiBe’s is simple. It automates your accessibility compliance efforts by integrating an installation code into your website’s HTML.

This way, you don’t have to worry about your site’s performance or source code.

On the other hand, AudioEye’s installation is quite the same, such that you install the toolbar by entering a single line of code. This enables accessibility maintenance possible and helps support various platforms, including Shopify, Wix, and Duda.

Features and Solutions Comparison of AudioEye and accessiBe

2) Integrations

AudioEye and accessiBe support most online platforms in terms of compatible integrations. These include:

  • BigCommerce
  • Joomla!
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Wix
  • Woo Commerce
  • Webflow
  • Volusion
  • Squarespace

3) Accessibility Audit

Of course, one of the main features that you can purchase from the two brands is accessibility auditing. 

Like accessiBe, AudioEye also offers accessibility auditing for free via the Pro plan. However, this service is quite limited.

The Pro plan gives you AudioEye’s google chrome extension, which helps you identify the accessibility errors on your website.

This provides clients with an accessibility score that highlights the website’s issues and determines the violated WCAG guideline. The limitation clients face is that you’ll only be able to test a single domain at once.

Additionally, AudioEye’s Pro plan also comes with an accessibility toolbar that website visitors can use to personalize their web experience, but it’s quite limited too.

accessiBe’s website auditing comes for free.

If you’re starting on your accessibility efforts, this might be a good option for you.

Like we’ve said, you’ll only have to pay for their services if you want ongoing accessibility compliance.

This service is accessiBe’s flagship product, which includes two components that help clients attain website accessibility.

  • The foreground application focuses on user interface modifications to meet 30% of the applicable accessibility requirements. This allows users to change fonts, adjust color contrasts, and other display changes.
  • The background application makes more complex changes to the website. This allows screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation functionalities and helps attain the remaining accessibility requirements.

AudioEye Accessibility

4) Widgets and Plugins

Aside from accessibility auditing, both service providers offer accessibility plugins that allow users to customize the website to their needs.

AudioEye’s plugin is a toolbar that enables users to change website aspects for a customized experience. It’s an on-screen toolbar that works on both mobile and computer and combines basic accessibility features.

Audioeye font type and contrast features

These include the font type and contrast of the website, but there are also other features, including:

  • Visual focus
  • Adjusting font sizes
  • Help desk
  • Accessibility statement
  • Word and line spacing
  • Pause animations and GIFs or other flashing objects
accessiBe font type and contrast features

Like AudioEye, the accessiBe plugin offers accessibility features that users can change based on their needs. Depending on the plan you subscribe to, here are some of the features you can get:

  • Emphasize links
  • Full adjustment to keyboard navigation
  • Contrast changes
  • Built-in dictionary and feedback forms
  • Hide distracting website elements
  • Adjust font sizes

Wrapping Up

AudioEye and accessiBe are two of the most popular web accessibility providers in the market. While both are excellent options, what’s best for you will depend on your needs and preferences.

We’ve laid down detailed and great information about two brands from varied aspects to help you make an informed decision.

You can kickstart your journey to attain accessibility by checking your website accessibility current situation by auditing it at Accessibility Checker

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Note for Agencies

Are you an agency that manages clients’ websites? If you want to make these websites ADA compliant through third-party accessibility service providers, this is for you. Join the accessiBe Partner Program and the AudioEye Partner Program to avail exclusive offers. 


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