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April 25, 2022
3 minutes

New KCS Website Features Make Updates & Information Easier to Access

The KSC website and YouTube channel have just become that much easier to use. Thanks to several new features, students and families can now easily access essential information and receive updates about their school.

One of the most notable features is the Translate button that was added to the Knox Schools website. You can now translate content into Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, and Swahili. There is also a drop-down menu available with additional languages. 

Along with this, there is now also a condensed version of the district website available in Spanish. The sections that are available include enrollment, school zone maps, the Family Portal, and district governance.

“It is very important that all families have access to important information about their child’s education, even if they are still learning English,” said Superintendent Bob Thomas. “This enhancement of our website will make it easier for families to stay informed, and I am grateful that we are able to implement these changes.”

As for the YouTube channel, you can now also access a series of videos that promote Spanish-speaking students, interview Spanish-speaking employees, and offer updates on important topics.

The reason for these changes is that more than 5,400 students within KCS are from families that speak the following languages at home:

  • Spanish – 4,740
  • Arabic – 326
  • Chinese – 204
  • Swahili – 186

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