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About Us

Our Story

Starting a business from the ground up is never an easy task, as we learned when establishing our ecommerce business in 2014. We encountered ups, downs and many unexpected obstacles. But, after much determination our small company grew into a midsize business. Everything was going according to plan, until we received an accessibility demand letter ourselves.

Receiving a demand letter / lawsuit is never easy, but when it deals with a sensitive subject like disabilities the feeling is even more unsettling. While admittedly we weren’t aware of this web accessibility issue, as we never encountered it in our personal lives, it did lead us down an exploratory path, lending us to dig deeper into the subject.

Through our research, we uncovered an abundance of information. In the process, we’ve decided to custom-build our own accessibility audit tool, to be able to constantly & efficiently monitor the compliance levels of new content added to our set of ecommerce websites, which ultimately led us to create and share that creation with the world 🙂

Today accessibility checker consists of a wonderful team from all over the world

Our Mission

There are over 400 million active websites in the world and fewer than 1% are accessible. Over the past five years website accessibility lawsuits have risen 300% YOY.’s mission is to arm businesses with the most accurate and reliable information in order to avoid web accessibility lawsuits, and in turn create an easy, seamless web experience for the wider disabled community.

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