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Meet Our Editorial Squad

The AccessibilityChecker editorial team is dedicated to promoting the importance of web accessibility and offering guidance on all that compliance entails.


About us, and specifically our work and writing ethic

The latest updates at your fingertips

Accessibility legislation is constantly being updated and renewed. We endeavor to always bring you the latest, most up-to-date news in the web accessibility space. 

Facts only

We only share information that’s been fact-checked by our team of researchers and writers. When we’re not hearing it directly from a qualified expert, we rely on journals and peer-reviewed studies.

A simplified approach

Web accessibility isn’t always the easiest topic to understand. We make a point of simplifying an often technical topic so that anyone can comprehend what’s being said.

See the full picture

To ensure we can provide our readers with a comprehensive picture, we aim to involve as many experts and include as many resources as possible when creating our content. 

Ongoing accuracy

When it comes to something as important as web accessibility, accurate and reliable information is key, which is why we make a point of continuously checking and updating our content.


Meet the people who are responsible for making this happen


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