How to Setup Compliance Monitoring on AccessibilityChecker

How to Setup Compliance Monitoring on AccessibilityChecker

Even after you alter your website to comply with the necessary accessibility requirements, updates to your site and changes to acts such as the ADA could affect your status. 

Your websites need to be monitored on an ongoing basis, which is where AccessibilityChecker’s Compliance Alerts feature comes in.

With a Professional or Bulk account, you can monitor between 6 and 12 websites at once.

Compliance monitoring alerts on accessibility checker

After clicking on the Compliance Alerts menu item in your profile, you can add the URLs of the websites you would like to monitor. Any time a change is detected, you will receive an email notification that details any issues that need to be addressed.

When logged in to your AccessibiltyChecker profile, the Compliance Alerts section will tell you the following about the URLs you are monitoring:

  • Passed audits
  • Critical issues that need to be addressed 
  • Date of the last detected change
  • Last scan date

This is one of the easiest ways to ensure your sites are always compliant.