Aaron Golub

Differently Abled Athlete

Precision, accuracy, speed, strength – these are just a few of the words you would associate with a football player. Sight is another, but this is not the case for Aaron Golub.

It’s hard to imagine playing a ball sport being legally blind, never mind being good at it, which is exactly what Aaron is.

Born with no sight in his right eye and little-to-no sight in his left eye, Aaron Golub was declared legally blind at birth, but this has not stopped him from pursuing a sport he is passionate about.

Using a target net to practice every morning before school and over weekends, Aaron has become the first legally blind athlete to play football. Aaron is currently a long snapper for the Tulane University football team and an impressive one at that.

Aaron’s football journey began in the seventh grade and he has put in countless hours to get to where he is today. Not only has he done this for himself, but to prove to others that perceived limitations are only as strong as the power you give them. 

An Inspiration to the Disabled Community

Living his dream as a footballer is just part of how Aaron is inspiring others. He is also determined to pave the way for other people living with disabilities, showing them that nothing is truly impossible. 

In his spare time, Aaron delivers actionable, motivational talks that focus on challenges and change. His talks are designed to inspire professional teams and communities to pursue their dreams and do what it takes to achieve their goals. 

He also runs a podcast called Blind Ambition, which you can find on his website.

Here’s just some of what people have to say about him:

“He’s just a really strong minded, tough kid, and he’s really good at his craft. You take for granted what he accomplished, because he makes it all look so easy.” – Coach Willie Fritz – Head Football Coach at Tulane University

“Aaron has a great story of perseverance and hard work that led to his successful career. All of us at MCB are grateful that he shared his journey to inspire other young people who are blind and visually impaired to seek employment. We celebrate Aaron’s achievements and hope to work with him again soon!” – John Oliveira – Deputy Commissioner Massachusetts Commission for the Blind

“Aaron is an intense and driven motivational speaker. He did an excellent job presenting to our group. Relevant, honest, ambitious, and forward thinking. If your team is underperforming they need to hear Aaron’s message.” – Matt Murray – President and CEO Touchdown Business Solutions

Ultimately, Aaron wants to leave a lasting, meaningful, and positive message wherever he goes, while also shedding light on the many barriers that the disabled community faces daily.