Daryn Harpaz

Website Accessibility & Compliance Consultant

Daryn Harpaz is an ADA Website Accessibility & Compliance Consultant at ZenythGroup which is a mission-driven organization fueled by the belief that technology should be inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities.

Harpaz helps organizations meet accessibility standards by improving the quality of their digital platforms and by adopting accessibility best practices, procedures, and policies.

As an accessibility subject matter expert,  Daryn Harpaz helps organizations achieve compliance for web and mobile applications by keeping their digital platforms compliant with updated ADA WCAG standards. The following describes Harpaz mission towards accessibility:

A LIFELONG TECH ADVOCATE who inspires enthusiasm for what accessible technology can accomplish.
A THOUGHT LEADER who envisions ways to leverage technology at the intersection of accessibility and usability.
AN IT STRATEGIST who identifies the best resources, solutions, and outcomes for digital accessibility projects.
A WEBSITE ACCESSIBILITY EXPERT who develops websites and technology for companies doing business in the public and private sector, where WCAG and Section 508 compliance is mandatory.

Daryn is a digital accessibility expert who differentiates with deep knowledge and passion for ADA website accessibility and compliance. He manages teams of accessibility designers, developers, testers, and consultants, ensuring that his team provides real-world feedback as they manually test, remediate and maintain an organization’s accessible digital platforms.

ZenythGroup offers a true turn-key digital accessibility solution designed to achieve and maintain WCAG 2.1 AA compliance and best practices for your organization. End-to-End (E2E) accessibility is a monthly subscription service that is fully customized to meet the needs of your organization. The service provides full coverage, accessibility expertise, and dedicated resources to ensure that your organization continues to deliver the highest level of ADA website accessibility to its audiences.