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July 25, 2023
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Top 20 Jobs for People with Disabilities in 2023

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate among people living with disabilities was just under 8 percent in 2022. 

The good news is that this stat has decreased by 2.5 percentage points from the previous year, indicating employment is on the rise within the disabled community. 

Thanks to advancements in the assistive technologies space and the growing awareness of physical and online accessibility requirements, disabilities are no longer a barrier to work. 

People living with disabilities are just as capable of contributing to society as anyone else and the growing number of job opportunities is a testament to this.

And if you’re currently searching for a job, we have outlined some of the best jobs for people with disabilities below. 

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Jobs for People with Mental or Learning Disabilities

Jobs for People with Mental or Learning Disabilities

People with learning or mental disabilities still possess a diverse range of skills, so the jobs they choose will depend on their individual strengths and weaknesses as well as support needs. 

Receptionists, data entry clerks, and admin assistants are all ideal for those with mental or learning disabilities. This is mainly because they require structured routines and repetitive or organized tasks. 

Whether in-person or over the phone, someone with strong interpersonal and communication skills can thrive in a customer service role. This could include answering inquiries and assisting and supporting customers. 

Restaurant hosting and assisting in hotels and kitchens is another role that’s ideal for people with learning and mental disabilities. Again, this is due to the structured nature of these roles as well as the opportunity to work as part of a team. 

Many people within the disabled community have strong and unique creative talents that can be put to good use in fields such as music, photography, and graphic design. 

Due to the organized and repetitive nature of jobs in the manufacturing and assembly space, roles such as packaging, quality control, and product assembly make for the best jobs for people with mental and learning disabilities. 

Jobs for People with Physical Disabilities

Jobs for People with Physical Disabilities

People struggling with physical limitations due to injury or disease are better suited to roles that are office-based and require little to no manual labor. Naturally, the nature of the physical disability will play a role in the position that can be fulfilled.

While this does require a specific qualification, a role as an accountant is ideal for someone with a physical disability because it can be done from home or an office. What’s more, accountants are capable of earning high-paying salaries, particularly if they move into an auditing role. 

As a desk-based role, human resources is another area that people with physical disabilities should explore, particularly if they have good communication and interpersonal skills. The role can also be applied across a wide variety of sectors, which is an added benefit.

The technology sector is forever growing and evolving, which means IT professionals will always be in demand. This is another role that can be performed from almost anywhere, provided you have the right equipment. 

As more brands shift their focus to digital marketing, web designers, especially those with strong creative and technological skills, can earn an excellent salary. Again, this is another role that can be fulfilled from home or at an accessible office.

There are so many topics that counseling touches on, making it one of the most interesting and fulfilling jobs for people with physical disabilities. An added benefit is that you can counsel clients from home or even online.

Jobs for People with Visual or Hearing Disabilities

Jobs for People with Visual or Hearing Disabilities

Even though visual and hearing disabilities may come across as barriers to work, they’re anything but, particularly with the abundance of assistive technology available today. Here are some of the best jobs for people with hearing and visual disabilities.

Marketing covers a wide spectrum of skills, which means professionals with hearing and visual disabilities have an array of jobs available to them. From copywriting and social media marketing to marketing management, with the help of assistive technology, anyone can fulfill one or more of these types of roles.

Assistive technology and software development go hand in hand. With the right tools and knowledge, this is a job that can be done by anyone from home or an office.

Visual and hearing disabilities do not have to prevent them from teaching others. With knowledge of specific topics, good communication skills, and the right tools, it’s possible to be a tutor from anywhere.

Businesses, banks, insurance companies, and pension funds all rely on financial analysts to help their businesses thrive. Even those with hearing and visual impairments are able to advise businesses and people on how to spend and invest their hard-earned money.

Preparing documents, research, admin, providing quotes, and interviewing people are all tasks that people with disabilities are able to perform as a paralegal. 

At-Home Jobs for People with Disabilities

At-Home Jobs for People with Disabilities

Working from home is more common than ever before, which means the disabled community has even more job opportunities available to them.

Depending on what you choose to sell, eCommerce can be a lucrative opportunity. What’s more, setting up an online store is simple with platforms such as Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce.

Converting audio notes from medical professionals into written notes is another way to make money from home as a person living with disabilities. This job requires strong listening skills, familiarity with medical terminology, and accurate typing abilities.

Businesses across the globe need call center agents to field queries and handle complaints from customers, a job that can easily be performed at home with a phone and assistive technology.

Companies are unable to make informed decisions without the right information, which is where online researchers come in. It helps to have knowledge of specific topics for certain projects, but for everything else, all you need is a strong internet connection and logical thinking skills. 

As more businesses prioritize accessibility, the demand for consultants who can guide them during this process has risen. There are several accessibility certifications available that can get you started on this career path. 

What About SSDI?

Many people living with disabilities are concerned about their Social Security Disability Insurance once they start considering finding employment. 

The good news is that even if you’re currently receiving insurance payments, the law dictates that you’re still permitted to engage in meaningful work, but there are caps on what you’re able to earn in a given month. 

The best option is to contact your Social Security case manager to find out more about what your options are based on your current disability and the benefits you receive.

If you are given the go-ahead to work, you now have some options to start with. 

In Closing

With the help of technology and the right skills, it is possible for people living with disabilities to conquer the working world and fulfill their professional dreams and ambitions, and these jobs are a good place to start.

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