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Level Access Review: Should You Use It for Website Accessibility?

Web accessibility is an issue that businesses are continuously addressing. Due to the increasing number of accessibility litigation and general awareness, more brands are striving to make their websites accessible.

Attaining accessibility is not a difficult task, especially when keeping WCAG guidelines and other standards top of mind.

Additionally, many brands, businesses, and organizations offer solutions to make websites accessible, making the task that much easier.

One brand that offers accessibility solutions is Level Access. In today’s article, we’ll discuss their services, compliance, and other details you’ll want to know.

So, if you’re looking for services to help you attain accessibility, read on!

About Level Access

Level Access offers end-to-end digital accessibility solutions that allow businesses to help disabled people interact with digital content.

At its core, the company provides software solutions that you can use for every stage of the development lifecycle. They also have a number of renowned clients, including the Federal Communications Commission, Adobe, and Nike.

Not only that, but Level Access has been on Inc.’s list of the 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for several years. The company even received the “Champion of Change” award from the White House in 2014.

Level Access Service and Solutions

Now that we have a little background on the company let’s review their accessibility solution.


Level Access are web accessibility experts across multiple industries, including education, the public sector, and healthcare.

The company also has a digital accessibility library available for your team so that you can integrate accessibility into design, development, and testing.

Additionally, they have a range of services that help you manage your compliance with complex regulations to accommodate those with disabilities. The accessibility solutions offered by Level Access include:

Level Access produces audit reports to foster compliance and provide a level of protection against litigation.

Their strategic consultation services help you take a comprehensive look at your web accessibility so that you can get the best results from your website.

The company offers interactive training through different vectors, including on-site classroom instruction, online distance learning, and one-on-one coding with developers.

Level Access assists with legal documents, helping you comply with laws and regulations more efficiently.

With the help of their professional programmers, you can easily write custom scripts to help differently-abled people access your online content.

Level Access services start with a free risk assessment with an Accessibility Expert.

You get an objective assessment of your website’s accessibility, and a report is generated to identify potential issues. This helps you find the products that are right for you.

Accessibility Management Platform (AMP)

The Level Access Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) is popular software that helps developers build more accessible, high-quality products for everyone.

It has a robust accessibility testing engine (Access Engine) that helps businesses streamline their workflows.

The AMP’s main function is to test pages for accessibility. It can also create automated tests for PDF content or pages in development so that you can address accessibility issues early on.



Level Access places great importance on accessibility. Aside from providing compliance resources on their website, their services comply with:

WCAG is a set of guidelines for the accessibility of web content produced by the W3C’s accessibility group.

While the ADA doesn’t explicitly include websites as a public accommodation, they should be accessible to differently-abled people.

Section 508 covers technology procured by a federal agency under contract and applies to Electronic and Information Technology (EIT).

AODA allows Ontarians to fully participate in all aspects of daily life, giving them greater access to employment, education, and social services.

FedRAMP was established to help the federal government and government agencies adopt cloud computing in a risk-based manner.

Customer Support

Like other comprehensive manual accessibility solutions, clients can get in touch with Level Access via different platforms during business hours.

They allow you to contact them via mail or you can call an accessibility expert when necessary. Additionally, Level Access provides expert guidance for auditing and remediation.

Not only that, but they also have how-to instructions and accessibility resources that you can access.

Users Reviews and Testimonials

Getting reviews from Level Access users is difficult, and search engines also don’t provide any. Their social media pages don’t have reviews either.

Additionally, their YouTube channel had comments disabled on many videos.

However, the Level Access website has a lot of testimonials from their clients. For instance, you can read various success stories on their website, includingthe University of Cincinnati and Aetna.

Pros and Cons


Because of the services they offer, Level Access is a competent partner to help you in the complicated world of compliance. Like other service providers, Level Access has its own pros and cons.

  • Offers free risk assessments for your website
  • Has modern AMP software
  • Built by a team of accessibility experts
  • Serves notable clients like Nike and Adobe
  • Pricing isn’t available on the website
  • Manual adjustments take time

How Does Level Access Compare to Competitors?

Let’s take a quick look at how Level Access compares to other web accessibility tools.

The first thing you will notice when comparing Level Access to competitor solutions is that you don’t have as much involvement and control over the web accessibility process. 

This is probably ideal if you don’t need to be as involved as a website owner, but frustrating if you’re a web developer who would prefer to be an integral part of the project.

One plus is that you can submit your website for a risk-free assessment, but you won’t have any idea about the cost of correcting any issues until you receive feedback, which can take time. 

With other leading tools such as accessiBe and AudioEye, you can automatically audit your website and have an overview of where your website is falling short more quickly and for a cheaper rate (in most instances anyway).

Level Access is one of the few tools that doesn’t use AI and machine learning to scan and remedy your website – almost every other tool does. There is also no multi-language functionality, which could be important to your site and your visitors.

Final Verdict

Level Access is here to help you ensure your digital accessibility projects are completed efficiently and comprehensively. Their services also ensure that your website complies with applicable regulations.

While there might be some boxes that Level Access didn’t check, the company is a good partner if you’re looking to make your website accessible for everyone.

If you have a website and you are committed to making it accessible to everyone, you can start by auditing your website at Accessibility Checker

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