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Expert Review of Deque Systems for ADA Compliance

Whether you’re looking to build a completely new website or just want add an extra level of convenience to your site, Deque Systems can help you achieve your website accessibility goals.

Over the past decade, many regulations have been put in place to improve website accessibility standards. Fortunately, there are a number of tools that have been created to make the process of becoming compliant that much easier – Deque Systems is one of them.

Let’s get into the details of this web accessibility tool.

Background of Deque Systems

Deque Systems, Inc., more popularly known as Deque, is an industry-leading technology developer. They’re based in Herndon, Virginia, but have headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI, India, and the Netherlands.

Being in the industry for two decades, they’re a trusted, well-known, and reputable website accessibility solutions provider.

Deque Systems provides holistic services, including both automated and manual testing. They have a reputation for providing complete accessibility suites, compliance solutions, and accessibility training.

Deque Services

Businesses are always looking for ways to make their websites more appealing to visitors and design is a big part of this.

Let’s look at how Deque Systems can help you achieve ADA compliance.

Solutions and Features

Deque Systems provides a range of solutions for websites across the entire development cycle. With these tools, you can ensure that your digital assets are fully accessible.

Deque’s browser extension enables you to scan a webpage, helping you identify accessibility issues on your website. The scan also provides practical solutions to your problems with full details on the issues and how to correct them.

This tool helps developers answer simple questions about website content, incorporating information to generate accessibility issue reports. These tests are AI-powered and are the basis of more complex accessibility testing, including keyboard and links testing.

DevTools Pro is the lower-tier browser extension with component-level testing. It’s guided by machine learning and also has detailed remediation support.

On the other hand, the higher-tier DevTools is Enterprise, which features the same Pro tools. However, Enterprise includes CLI, CI/CD integration, mobile testing, and premium security and support.

Deque’s fast and secure WorldSpace Attest toolkit is quick and easily customizable. It also integrates with several testing frameworks.

Additionally, this toolkit provides the developer with the power to quickly run automated web accessibility tests.

Using Deque is a simple and fast way to add missing textual information, HTML elements, and structural information to any web page.

The Axe Plugin works with applications coded in a variety of programming languages. This ensures a consistent approach to accessibility testing.

Supported Platforms

Deque’s services are compatible with several platforms across mobile and desktop devices. Their DevTools cater to different users, including front-end web developers, designers, and test engineers.

Their mobile compatibility supports android and iOS platforms.


website accessibility deque

According to Deque’s website, their services help you comply with ADA compliance guidelinesWCAG guidelines, and Section-508 guidelines.

You can also achieve compliance with the AODACVAA, and VPAT.


Deque’s pricing is customized, given that they can help you initiate website accessibility processes at any stage of development. Thus, pricing will depend on the intensity of the service you need from them.

However, you can begin your website accessibility efforts with a free audit. Just keep in mind that tools will cost more if you exceed $700.

Customer Support

There are several ways to reach Deque Systems, including mail and phone. You can also receive technical support through the how-to instruction manuals they provide.

Deque Systems also has many blog posts and news pieces for you, covering a wide range of accessibility topics and various standards.

  • Provides effective solutions to comply with ADA, Section 508, and WCAG 2.2 Level AA
  • Manual remediation guarantees 100% compliance with website accessibility standards
  • Offers testing and monitoring tools tailored to your needs
  • Comprehensive website accessibility training
  • Proof of conformance
  • Provides limited support options
  • Manual adjustments can be time-consuming

How Does Deque Compare to Competitors?

Expert Review of Deque Systems for ADA Compliance

Deque is an effective web accessibility tool but is it the best option when compared to other leading competitors?

Like several other top web accessibility tools, Deque’s approach to web accessibility is a combination of automated and manual processes. This ensures that every aspect of your website is scanned and that no issues are missed because they can’t be automatically corrected. Some of the more simplistic tools don’t offer this.

Another aspect that sets Deque apart from some other competitors is that it caters to a wider audience. Instead of just providing website owners with general auditing and web accessibility solutions, they also cater to developers. 

axe DevTools was created to make web accessibility a core part of the website development process. The toolkit was designed to get you to at least 80% issue coverage during development, making this an ideal choice for agencies.

Then there’s pricing. Unfortunately, unlike solutions such as AudioEye, pricing isn’t as clear. You really need to hunt for prices on the Deque site and even then, you will only find a price for the Pro DevTools solution. 

On the plus side, website owners can benefit from a free website audit. However, don’t expect to see a detailed report of the issues on your site. 

Final Verdict

Deque is an industry leader in the website accessibility space, offering support for websites with both mobile and desktop platforms. It’s been in the industry for years, making it one of the most reliable accessibility providers in the industry.

However, they also have a few shortcomings, including limited support options and user reviews. But, rest assured the benefits precede its imperfections.

While you take your time to decide on a solution, start by conducting an audit of your website on Accessibility Checker

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