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A Broad Look at accessiBe Competitors and Alternatives

Competition is inevitable in all businesses. With the increase in ADA compliance lawsuits, new names emerge to provide various digital accessibility solutions.

In addition, the increasing awareness of people about accessibility makes the digital industry a thriving one. That said, accessiBe, a popular website accessibility solution provider, also has to face cutthroat competition from its counterparts.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about some of accessiBe’s toughest competitors in the market. If you’re curious about these brands, continue reading!

But first, here is what you need to know about accessiBe at a glance!

Table of contents
  1. Background - accessiBe Competitors
  2. UserWay - #1 alternative
  3. BrowserStack - #2 alternative
  4. User1st - #3 alternative
  5. Siteimprove - #4 alternative
  6. Summary - Wrapping up!
  • WCAG
  • ADA
  • Section 508 Compliant

accessiBe is one of the most talked-about web accessibility tools available today. It helps take a lot of the manual work out of becoming ADA compliant by making it quicker and easier to identify web accessibility issues on your site.


  • Simple, affordable, effortless, and compliant worldwide
  • 7-day free trial
  • Account managers available to guide you through the product, pricing, and any questions you may have
  • Fast turnaround with a 5 min installation, and 48-hour compliance process


  • Built specifically for websites and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)- some web apps might not be compatible

Existing Clients

accessiBe Competitors

Like we’ve said, competition in the digital landscape is intense because website owners want the best accessibility solution to attain ADA compliance.

Because of this, many accessibility solutions providers have paved their way into the market. One of them is accessiBe.

As a renowned brand in the industry, accessiBe competes with many other brands. It’s also the most trusted solution in the accessibility industry, making competition even more intense than it already is.

With over 100,000 supported websites, accessiBe competes with new and established brands alike.

accessiBe regards itself as the market leader. The industry leader also boasts of their ability to devise customized solutions for their clients as their competitive edge. accessiBe works closely with people with disabilities, ensuring a reliable and good user experience for all. To name a few, accessiBe works with Ruderman, Crip Camp, and Viscardi, which are disability-focused organizations.

The service provider also boasts many investments into the importance of web accessibility.

Subsequently, accessiBe isn’t only concerned about the legal aspects of your website. They’re also concerned about their end-users.

Aside from these, accessiBe also promises clients the following:

  • The solution won’t compromise your site’s design
  • Affordable services for all businesses
  • The service won’t interfere with your site’s source code
  • Compliance maintenance throughout all site updates
  • A 48-hour turnaround time
  • Compliance with WCAG 2.2, ADA, Section-508, and many more

Major Competitors of accessiBe

As mentioned, accessiBe faces fierce competition in the industry. In this section, we’ll discuss some of its top competitors and give you a brief overview of what they offer.

Major competitors include UserWay, User1st, and Siteimprove,. If you want to learn more, keep reading!



Like accessiBe, UserWay is another website accessibility solutions provider that offers AI-powered automated solutions. The company ensures that your website complies with the WCAG 2.2 level AA requirements.

UserWay’s solution will ensure your website is compliant with the following legislation:

  • ADA Title 3
  • Section 508
  • WCAG 2.2

*If there are videos and/or PDFs on your website, there might be additional costs associated with making them accessible.

UserWay provides clients with an accessibility widget that allows end-users to modify the website’s design and accessibility features. Some of the configuration settings include:

  • Keyboard navigation
  • Read page, links, buttons, and more
  • Change contrast and invert website colors
  • Highlight links
  • Font size changer
  • Increase text spacing
  • Pause animations

Aside from the accessibility widget, UserWay also helps clients generate an accessibility statement. What’s more, they also provide an accessibility certification.

They’re mostly known for site comparison, which lets clients compare websites by accessibility compliance.

UserWay offers different price packages depending on the number of page views. This ranges from $490 to $2,990 per year. The company also offers custom and dynamic pricing packages for enterprise and public sector businesses, as well as a monthly subscription option.



Offering 5x faster scans and automatic daily monitoring of your website, BrowserStack is one of the industry-leading accessibility testing solutions available today. This advanced set of tools is ideal for both web and app testing.

BrowserStack’s accessibility tools will ensure you are compliant with:

  • ADA
  • Section 508
  • AODA
  • EN 301 549
  • VPAT

BrowserStack solutions include an array of useful features that make compliance easy.

  • Automated accessibility testing allows you to run a quick check or schedule scans in advance. Accessibility testing can be integrated into builds using a simple code flag and the BrowserStack SDK.
  • An automatic workflow scanner will help you find issues across multiple web pages as you navigate your user workflow.
  • Gain instant access to screen readers such as VoiceOver on Mac, NVDA on Windows, and TalkBack on Android for more thorough testing.
  • Receive auto-generated reports for every scan you run. Teams can target specific WCAG issues to monitor compliance and generate reports at scheduled intervals.
  • The Chrome extension makes it possible to pick up on accessibility issues more quickly.

BrowserStack pricing starts at $99 per month, giving you access to daily accessibility monitoring, the workflow scanner, screen readers, and more. The Automate & Monitor package offers the most value and integrates with Frameworks like TestNG, Cypress, Playwright & WebdriverIO. The Enterprise package is the most comprehensive and will require a custom quote.




user1st technology

Founded with the purpose of making the internet a more accessible place for all, User1st provides one of the most advanced web accessibility solutions on the market. A global leader in digital and web accessibility, User1st helps organizations advance their missions, improve the user experience, and meet web accessibility standards and guidelines by opening their digital content up to the largest audience possible.

This ADA compliance solution is deployed across a variety of industries worldwide, including financial services, retail, government, education, and healthcare.

Based in Washington, DC, User1st offers an all-in-one accessibility solution to help websites attain compliance with the WCAG and the ADA.

These services will ensure your website is compliant with the following legislation:

  • ADA Title 3
  • Section 508
  • WCAG 2.2

Accessibility with User1st starts with Check1st, a website accessibility checker that helps you determine the accessibility status of your website. The software scans your website using different methods, allowing easy detection of accessibility errors.

Additionally, the company also has uRemediate. This accessibility solution uses both automated and manual efforts to ensure that your website adheres to accessibility standards.

uRemediate also has an AI-powered overlay that lets users adjust website features for a personalized user experience. These include:

  • Change color contrast
  • Screen reader compatibility
  • Enable keyboard navigation
  • Screen magnification
  • Stop flashing elements
  • Make website grayscale

Besides these, the User1st software also works well on any content management system platform. The company also offers compliance certification, which validates your website’s compliance with applicable accessibility standards.

User1st has a custom pricing model. This is largely because the service they provide is of a semi-manual nature, and websites and apps have different requirements. Organizations generally require different manual remediation of certain elements, documents, or multimedia.

In order to get a quote, you have to contact the company and explain your company’s / project’s needs.


Siteimprove Review

With over 13 offices globally and more than 17 years of digital expertise, Siteimprove is another strong accessiBe competitor. Like User1st, Siteimprove offers an all-in-one accessibility solution that promises website accessibility.

Siteimprove offers online accessibility technologies to help companies improve their digital presence while remaining compliant with accessibility rules. The tool validates WCAG 2.2 AA and reveals typical accessibility problems with in-code highlights and tips on how to fix them. You can be certain that it adheres to WCAG methods and best practices.

Like other solutions providers on the list, Siteimprove also offers an automated website auditing tool that lets you check for accessibility issues.

It’s also known for giving your website an accessibility score, enabling you to determine what accessibility efforts you need. In addition, it works for large sites because the tool can check hundreds of pages at once.

The company also offers several accessibility solutions depending on the company type, including enterprise, education, retail, and government.

Not only that, but Siteimprove doesn’t only offer accessibility solutions. They’re also known for SEO, quality assurance, and data privacy. Some notable features of the SEO tool include:

  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword insights
  • Duplicate content finder
  • On-page diagnosis
  • Search engine analytics

Siteimprove offers flexible pricing. Although the price packages are not detailed out on their website, but you have the option to schedule a call with their team to get quotes.

Wrapping Up

Competition in the digital landscape has been increasing in recent years. While some want to be legal band-aids for website owners, others are committed to creating a more accessible digital experience for everyone.

This post presents a detailed review of the accessiBe competition. Hopefully, it will help you decide where accessiBe stands in its market and its competitive advantage.

You can begin your journey toward accessibility by auditing your website’s current accessibility status at Accessibility Checker
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