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Audioeye Competitors
06 January 2022

Audioeye Competitors

Achieving website accessibility is a major focus among organizations, web creators, and business owners. They believe that it helps make their websites more understandable and accessible to everyone in the world. 

To help web creators and business owners achieve website accessibility, many third-party website accessibility solutions providers are starting to become popular today. One of which is AudioEye.

AudioEye is a reputable and famous third-party website accessibility solutions provider that has proven its competence in achieving ADA compliance websites.

Their price plans come with different features to make websites more accessible and easily understood by everyone, including people with disabilities. 

However, several brands also offer website accessibility services. They compete with AudioEye in ensuring websites achieve the accessibility and ADA compliance it needs.

Let’s look at AudioEye’s competitors and compare them according to their price plans and features.

If you want to know more about what ADA compliance is for websites, visit our guide below.

ADA compliance guide

About AudioEye

AudioEye is a top-performing website accessibility solutions provider which has a vision of making the digital world more accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. 

With AudioEye, your website achieves ADA and WCAG compliance with its easy-to-navigate automated technology platform, legal assistance, and accessibility experts. 

AudioEye’s price plans start at $49 a month, and its base plans are calculated based on your website’s number of page views monthly. All its base plans consist of the basic services for achieving website accessibility, including the following:

  • ADA Compliance and protection
  • Accessibility Basics which includes dashboard monitoring and analytics
  • Advanced technology for scanning and fixing issues
  • Training and support to help you get on board with AudioEye

Aside from the basic services, AudioEye also has additional services to make your websites more accessible to people with disabilities. 

These additional services comprise the Enterprise plan, and the price depends on the services you wish to avail of. If you wish to apply for this plan, you must contact AudioEye to request a quote directly. 

AudioEye Competitors

AudioEye is just one of the many third-party website accessibility solutions providers that can help make websites accessible for everyone.

Suppose you want to compare the features of AudioEye with other third-party website accessibility solutions providers. In that case, some of the major brands that have become AudioEye’s competitors are AccessiBe, UserWay, SiteImprove, and EqualWeb. 

These third-party website accessibility solutions providers have unique features and specifications, making them popular options among organizations and businesses.

Let’s briefly discuss each competitor and how they are similar or different from AudioEye’s features.


accessibe features

AccessiBe is an AI-driven website accessibility solutions provider that lets everyone enjoy what the digital world can offer. Their vision includes making the internet accessible to people with disabilities, especially the blind and deaf. 

With AccessiBe’s AI-powered technology, the process of streamlining and scanning websites for ADA compliance and accessibility has become simpler and easier. 

One of AccessiBe’s main advantages over other website accessibility solutions providers is its ability to perform regular monitoring and scanning of websites to ensure that it’s always ADA compliant. 

AccessiBe has various services to help websites become ADA compliant, including video and audio transcriptions, closed captions, and audio descriptions to help the blind and deaf understand website media content.

This third-party website accessibility solutions provider scans and analyzes a website and makes necessary adjustments to fix issues and ensure it is ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliant.

Their price plans also start at $49 monthly and may vary depending on the number of unique web pages that will utilize AccessiBe’s automated technology.

They offer better training, including documentation, live sessions online or in person. In addition, this website accessibility solutions provider also has better and more accessible customer support.

According to several users, AccessiBe is easier to set up with its AI-powered technology than AudioEye. 


Siteimprove Review

SiteImprove is most famous for its cloud-based DPO, also known as Digital Presence Optimization Software. 

It features the SiteImprove Intelligence Platform. This helps web creators gain visibility and provide insights that will help them understand and optimize their website’s performance. 

They are an all-in-one solution to managing your digital presence. Its services allow you to create better content to drive better traffic to your website. 

This website accessibility solutions provider also helps promote inclusivity, measure website performance, and work towards regulatory ADA compliance. 

Another good thing about SiteImprove is its customer support which is open 24/7, unlike AudioEye. SiteImprove also enables its subscribers to undergo proper training before getting on board. 

Their training includes documentation and webinars. SiteImprove and AudioEye offer free trials with no credit card required upon signing up. 

One downside of SiteImprove is its price. It is relatively more expensive compared to AudioEye and other third-party website accessibility solutions providers.



UserWay features advanced solutions to help websites achieve accessibility and ADA compliance. They provide accessibility plugins without changing or refactoring your website’s codes. 

This brand offers a free accessibility widget that provides user-triggered enhancements. Their price plans start at $49 a month and are based on the number of web pages scanned and monitored. 

The advantage of using UserWay over AudioEye is that it has a better customer support and is more user-friendly. They also offer more training options for its clients, including documentation and live sessions online. 

Unlike UserWay, AudioEye does not offer live customer support, and it also does not allow websites to customize toolbars. 

UserWay’s automated technology is also easier to set up than AudioEye. This website accessibility solutions provider also has stronger legal mitigation for accessibility and ADA compliance. 

They ensure that all their client’s websites are constantly updated with the recent ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliance. It also features accessibility widgets run by AI. 

However, one disadvantage of UserWay is that it only scans and detects the problems on your website but does not fix them. Once the issues on your website are detected, you have to fix them manually. 


EqualWeb is a third-party website accessibility solutions provider focused on providing people with disabilities with more accessible digital information. 

While more third-party website accessibility solutions providers are purely AI-driven, EqualWeb combines AI-powered accessibility widgets with manual adjustments, testing, and customization.

This website accessibility solutions provider is targeted at organizations looking for help to scan and uncover issues in their website domains. 

If these issues are not fixed, they may hinder website accessibility or violate regulations. EqualWeb’s customer support is purely online and is only available during business hours. 

Unlike AudioEye, which only comes with a free trial, EqualWeb also has a free version for web creators and organizations unwilling to spend for website accessibility. 

EqualWeb’s free version has a limited accessibility widget which comes with the following features:

  • Color adjustments
  • One-line code installation
  • Cursor and font adjustments
  • Text reader and magnifier
  • Highlight links
  • Highlight headers
  • Image descriptions
  • Readable mode
  • Monthly cloud updates
  • Online dashboard
  • Fully customizable interface

If you’re tight on budget and are still unsure whether EqualWeb is the website accessibility solutions provider you need, their free version will get you started. 

EqualWeb’s free version already consists of half the features offered by the pricing plans, so trying it out is certainly worth it. Also, only a few website accessibility providers offer a free version. 

However, if you wish to utilize EqualWeb’s other advanced features, its price plans start at $39 a month. Unlike AudioEye, EqualWeb has better support and is easier to use and navigate. 

Wrapping Up

We have presented a detailed and comprehensive review of different third-party website accessibility solutions providers which can serve as AudioEye’s alternatives. 

When looking for the right website accessibility solutions provider, you must consider the features, including compliance, accessibility widget, audit, training, and support. 

After looking at the different features, you also have to consider the cost of availing one from these third-party website accessibility solutions providers. 

You should ensure that the cost fits your budget and what you’re paying for is worth the features that your website will be obtaining. 

Researching and reading reviews about different website accessibility solutions providers can also help you decide. These reviews can help weigh the best option that suits the needs of your business or your organization. 

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In that case, you can join the AccessiBe Partner Program to avail yourself of exclusive offers. The AudioEye Partner Program is also open for partnerships with different agencies. 


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