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However, an integral part of your accessibility strategy should be to publish a statement or declaration of the state of your website’s accessibility.  This declaration is known as Accessibility Statement.

What is an accessibility statement?

A accessibility statement serves two main functions:

1. It provides clear information about the website’s accessibility target and the methods ti reach it.

2. It allows the website owner to identify areas where accessibility targets are not being met, and then to outline the plan to fix them.

An accessibility statement is also a powerful way to show your commitment to web accessibility.

The website’s accessibility statement is acknowledged by everyone who visits it, especially those with disabilities. However, be aware that accessibility statements that make rash or false claims can only harm the website’s reputation, not improve it.


What does an accessibility statement contain?

These components should be included in an accessibility statement:

  • Open commitment to making the website accessible
  • Summary of the key guidelines and standards that will be used on this website.
  • Contact information to report problems with the website


First paragraph - Commitment to making your website accessible

The accessibility statement’s opening paragraph should include a clear declaration. This example provides a brief introduction to your statement.

For example:

At (company name), we strive to ensure our services are accessible to all people. In order to achieve this, we have invested important resources into our site so that it is available to people with disabilities. We truly believe that website accessibility efforts are vital in ensuring that all users deserve the right to independence, equality, and ease of use.


Second paragraph - Guidelines and standards

Add information about the standards and guidelines that the website follows to maximize web accessibility.

For example:

Using accessibility checker’s audit tool has been scanned for compliance according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). Since performing the audit, (company name) continues to raise its accessibility standards, and now utilizes a web accessibility widget, a software that allows users with disabilities to equally access’s website.

Third paragraph - Contact us

It is also important that people have the option to contact the website with any specific issues. It is easy to use a simple email address. 


The accessibility statement will provide information about the site’s commitment, methods and techniques used to reach accessibility goals. 

To save time and money, build accessibility into your projects from the beginning. 

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