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All You Need To Know About the Siteimprove Website Accessibility Solution

Today’s online sector has demanding challenges that pressure business owners to maintain current, accurate, and up-to-date digital assets. So, when running a website, businesses need to consider SEO, conversions, user experience, as well as accessibility.

In line with this, several companies supply tools and software to handle each area of a website. But, it is far more practical to manage a good digital presence with an all-in-one solution.

One such helpful tool is Siteimprove. This solution helps businesses enhance their digital appearance by empowering teams and helping them meet website accessibility requirements.

This review will look at Siteimprove’s accessibility solutions and services to help you decide whether they’re right for you.

What Is Siteimprove?

Siteimprove is a one-stop-shop for maximizing a company’s digital potential. More so, it is a SaaS service that provides businesses with the data they need to provide a positive user experience and increase revenue.

Accessibility, SEO, Quality Assurance, Performance, Data Privacy, and Analytics are some of the features offered by this platform.

Core Philosophies

Every day, Siteimprovers go to work to make the web a better place for everyone. It’s a global company that works to enhance the digital experience for millions of end users.

They design their software with the needs of their clients in mind. Plus, they work hard to ensure that everyone has access to the benefits the digital economy offers.

Membership and Accreditation

Siteimprove has an academy that provides accessibility courses that have been authorized as Continuing Accessibility Education Credits by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.

The inclusion of Siteimprove Academy in the IAAP’s continuing education framework makes it a significant resource for anyone striving to retain IAAP credentials.

Siteimprove Service and Features

Now, we’ll go further into the company’s numerous components to see how it aids companies looking to make their websites more accessible.

Accessibility Solutions and Features

Siteimprove Service and Features

Siteimprove offers online accessibility technologies to help companies improve their digital presence while remaining compliant with accessibility rules. The tool validates WCAG 2.2 AA and reveals typical accessibility problems with in-code highlights and tips on how to fix them. You can be certain that it adheres to WCAG methods and best practices.

Siteimprove checks your web assets automatically – you can even audit hundreds of pages at a time. It allows you to filter out accessibility concerns and prioritize the areas of your website that need immediate improvement.

With Page Reports, you may mark accessibility concerns inside the source code or on a web page, making it easier to locate faults. Additionally, it enables you to cross-check material for other quality assurance concerns.

It even scans for spelling problems, inappropriate HTML header components, broken links, and SEO concerns.

Website Compliance Checker

Siteimprove Service and Features

Siteimprove software lets you test PDFs for accessibility problems so that you can make your content more compliant with the ADAWCAG, and Section 508 standards. You can use Siteimprove to keep track of your progress toward compliance by creating custom dashboards and reports.

More so, resolving issues based on automated testing allows you to make significant changes that bring your website closer to accessibility and WCAG compliance. However, the automated testing technique cannot detect all accessibility issues on websites.

Because of the platform’s limitations, Siteimprove’s accessibility specialists manually analyze your web assets. Nonetheless, they can identify usability concerns that could not be detected automatically.

Siteimprove provides their customers with technical assistance, learning classes, and accessibility services. This option eliminates all problems and makes your website accessible to the impaired, and complies with rules.

Siteimprove Pricing

Siteimprove Pricing

The Siteimprove all-in-one platform is somewhat more expensive than standard automated accessibility testing solutions. Nonetheless, their customized services are best suited to your organization’s accessibility needs.

You can expect their complete manual and automated audit, remediation, training, and advice to help you completely.

Siteimprove Support

Siteimprove Support

You can use Siteimprove’s accessibility platform either during or after the development cycle for automatic WCAG evaluation. It comes with a scan report that includes actionable to-dos to resolve common concerns.

The platform is simple to use for both technical and non-technical users. So, rest easy that it has clear explanations and advice on fixing problems based on industry best practices. Plus, you can get help from their built-in Help Center feature.

Manual expert review is also available on-demand. Siteimprove specialists will review your website and provide recommendations on how to remove compliance hurdles.

Pros and Cons


Siteimprove provides an all-in-one platform for automatic accessibility testing and on-demand professional involvement in auditing, remediation, consultation, and training. These factors will guarantee that your digital assets are accessible and compliant.

Let us look at some of the positives and downsides that have been identified:

  • The reporting tool simplifies operations
  • Accessibility aids in the detection of breaches and concerns
  • Easy-to-follow instructions available for resolving difficulties
  • The dashboard provides a bird’s-eye view of the site’s current status
  • Identify the locations of specific problems
  • Behavior monitoring aids in the optimization of landing pages
  • The long delay between site crawls and scoring
  • A bit pricey
  • Sometimes overlooks dead connections
  • Many navigation pathways within the program can make things complicated
  • Some people may face a severe learning curve

How Does Siteimprove Compare to Competitors?

There are a number of different web accessibility tools to choose from, so how does Siteimprove weigh up? 

For one, Siteimprove is not solely focused on web accessibility – they also offer a number of other digital-related services, including content marketing, demand generation, SEO, and more. 

If you had to look at their web accessibility solution specifically, you would see that they are lacking in terms of features. Unlike other major competitors such as UserWay, accessiBe, and AudioEye, Siteimprove doesn’t use AI or machine learning. 

They also don’t offer compliance tracking, automated audits, or a personalized accessibility interface.

Overall, if you only want some basic web accessibility guidance and would prefer to hand the reins over to someone else, this might be the right solution for you. 

Final Verdict

Siteimprove’s popularity in the online accessibility arena is undeniable. It is a convenient platform that assesses your online presence for accessibility issues.

While Siteimprove’s website accessibility testing tool, like any other automated accessibility rating tool, cannot properly test for all of the WCAG 2.2 success criteria, remediating issues based on the results is sufficient to make your website completely accessible.

The team is there to assist enterprises in realizing their digital potential. However, it does not have a toolbox that extends beyond website administration.

Overall, Siteimprove is an effective way to test, audit, and remediate your website for compliance.

You know you can depend on an accessibility checker to audit your website regardless of the tools and technologies you employ. Don’t put off evaluating your website’s accessibility – use Accessibility Checker

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