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accessiBe Pricing Review

Achieving website accessibility is a tedious and time-consuming task. Not to mention, it’s quite expensive. With that, many third-party website accessibility solutions providers have played an integral role in helping us attain website accessibility within our budget.

One of the popular top-performing third-party website accessibility solutions providers is accessiBe. They aim to make the digital world easier and more accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. accessiBe is an AI-powered, fully automated web accessibility solution that makes web accessibility effortless and affordable, empowering every business to achieve ADA and WCAG 2.2 compliance within 48 hours.

With many third-party website accessibility solution providers online, reading and learning about comprehensive reviews on their pricing and plan is essential.

Let’s talk about how much accessiBe costs and its different plans and features to help you decide whether they are the website accessibility solution you need.

In this post, we will discuss

  1. Background - Pricing options
  2. Billing - Two billing periods
  3. Plan - What is included?
  4. Charges - For additional services
  5. Free trial - What's the offer?
  6. accessiBe's affordability - Is it expensive as compared to other options?
  7. Summary - Let's wrap up!

accessiBe Pricing Options

When choosing the right website accessibility solutions provider, pricing is important. You have to consider your budget and how much you’re willing to pay for your website’s accessibility.

A website accessibility solutions provider should be worth the features and plans it offers. accessiBe pricing claims to offer affordable pricing to its clients and has different packages or plans.

Price plans of accessiBe are based on the unique pages on a certain website. Our detailed accessiBe review will help you understand how it works and its performance in website accessibility.

Now, let’s talk about accessiBe’s different price plans with their corresponding offers and billing periods.

Billing Periods


Generally, the website accessibility cost of utilizing accessiBe has two billing periods – monthly and annually. Both billing periods have their corresponding advantages and disadvantages.

You benefit from paying only a small amount per month when choosing the monthly billing period. However, you have to remember to pay the bill monthly, or else your subscription may be canceled.

For a monthly billing period, it costs you $49 a month for the standard plan, $149 a month for the Large plan, $199 for a Huge plan, and $349 for a Jumbo plan.

The best advantage you can get out of paying annually is the 20% discount. It’s also more hassle-free because you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pay the bill monthly anymore.

With annual billing, you need to pay a huge amount of money in one go. That being said, your budget has to be prepared.

The Standard plan costs $490, the Large plan costs $1490, the Huge plan costs $1990, and the Jumbo plan costs $3490.

Plans- What is included?


accessiBe has four different plans offering different features and inclusions – standard, large, huge, and jumbo. All four plans offer the following features:

  • Comes with a litigation package
  • Issues monthly audits of accessibility compliance
  • Issuance of an accessibility statement and certification
  • Adjustments on screen-reading and keyboard navigation
  • Helps your website achieve WCAG, EAA, ADA compliance
  • Provides an accessibility interface for both design and UI fixes
  • Automatic regular monitoring and scanning of your web pages

Let’s differentiate these four pricing plans according to their price and the number of web pages to achieve website accessibility.

You can verify the page count by typing “site:yourwebsite.com” on Google. Your page count is the written number next to the word “results.”

accessiBe’s standard plan costs $49 a month, and it helps achieve website accessibility for at most 1000 unique pages. This plan has a 7-day free trial without requiring you to input a credit card.

The large plan checks website accessibility for at most 10,000 unique web pages. It costs $149 a month, and it also has a 7-day free trial with no credit card required upon signing up.

If your website has over 10,000 web pages while not exceeding 100,000 pages, you can avail accessiBe’s huge plan, which costs $199 a month. This plan also has a 7-day free trial, not requiring you to input your credit card details when you sign up.

The jumbo plan is for you to check and monitor website accessibility for more than 100,000 but not exceed 1,000,000 unique web pages. This plan costs $349 a month with a 7-day free trial.

No, a free plan is not available

Charges for Additional Services

accessibe Charges for Additional Services

accessiBe also offers other services not included in the four price plans. These services can help your websites become even more accessible and easier to reach for everyone, especially people with disabilities.

If you wish to avail and know how much these additional services cost, you have to contact the sales team of accessiBe directly.

When your websites have audio or videos, you want these visual aids to become accessible too. Closed captions are the perfect solution for anyone who needs to know what’s going on in a video but can’t hear.

This additional service is a helpful way to make sure everyone can follow what you’re saying; it’s a helpful service for the hearing impaired community because they can just pause the video or audio and read the closed captions written.

If you don’t want your audience to experience difficulty following the live content on your web pages, you can avail of this service which provides you transcripts or textual versions of the videos and audios displayed on your website.

Audio descriptions are helpful when the information on a certain page is displayed in a video instead of a voice. These audio descriptions are ideal for blind users.

PDF or word remediation helps blind users access documents on web pages by utilizing screen-readers.

PowerPoint remediation is a great way for blind users to have the opportunity to get pieces of information from the presentations on web pages

Excel remediation allows everyone, including people with disabilities, to get important information from Excel sheets.

accessiBe can also audit your website when it has gone through or is planning to undergo an accessibility remediation project.

This additional service helps you feel more secure that accessiBe works properly after installing your website.

A VPAT service is for organizations requiring 508 conformance. accessiBe can help you get the voluntary product accessibility template or VPAT if your organization needs one.

Other services useful for people with disabilities, especially blind and deaf users, include the following:

  • UserTesting – checks how a website is user-friendly to the blind and deaf community
  • Dedicated Image Descriptions – ensures blind people can understand the images

Free Trial Offer

As mentioned earlier, all four plans of accessiBe offer a 7-day free trial, not requiring a credit card upon signing up. In this way, you can test the waters to see whether accessiBe is for you.

The “no credit card required” is also advantageous because your details are guaranteed to be secured while you’re testing accessiBe’s free trial offer.

This 7-day free trial lets you see whether achieving website accessibility through accessiBe will be easier and more convenient than other third-party website accessibility solutions providers.

accessiBe’s free trial offer also gives you the chance to test the waters in using accessiBe. You can gauge whether the plans are enough for your website accessibility, or you still have to avail yourself of their additional services from the free trial offer.

Is accessiBe expensive as compared to other options?

It offers affordable price plans with useful features to help make your websites accessible for everyone. Here is how accessiBe compares with other accessibility solutions in terms of price and features:

Existing Customers
Technology Fully automated web accessibility solution Fully automated web accessibility solution Automated
Compliant in Countries
Compliance WCAG, ADA, Section 508, AODA WCAG, ADA, Section 508, AODA WCAG, ADA, Section 508, AODA
Starts at
$49 per month
Starts at
$49 per month
Starts at
Partner Program (for Web Agencies)
  • 20% partner commission
  • Free license
  • No commitment or signup fees
  • 15% discount for each client
  • Free registration
  • Referall and Co-sell
  • Resell
Customer support Email only Email only email support
Free Demo Yes
Free demo available
Free demo available
Not Available
Free Trial No credit card needed
7 day free trial
Credit card required
10 day free trial

Wrapping Up

There’s a reason why accessiBe is a favorite third-party website accessibility solutions provider.  Aside from the plans accessiBe offers, you can also look at its additional services useful to make your websites more accessible to the disabled community, especially the visually and hearing impaired.

We have discussed the pricing of accessiBe from different perspectives. This detailed review will help you decide if it fits your budget.

You can kickstart your journey to attain accessibility by checking your website accessibility current situation by auditing it at Accessibility Checker

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Accessibility Checker

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Suppose you are an agency that manages clients’ websites and want to make these websites ADA compliant through third-party accessibility service providers.

In that case, you can join the accessiBe Partner Program to avail yourself of exclusive offers.

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